Columbus Day Weekend, 2000

What a full weekend it has been. Saturday was sunny, warm and still. Marianne and I went up to Aquinah to walk the beach around the Gay Head Cliffs. Marianne brought a small sketchpad and I brought my new digital camcorder, a Sony DCR-PC100, which I used to take the pictures you are looking at. I'm making a new Jay's View with the video I shot. I think I'll have a sneak preview of the rough edit on Jay's View this Wednesday on the Vineyard's Cable Channel 8 at 8pm.

One of the things I like about taking walks is looking for birds. As a young man I two of the things I could put off until I was older were gathering mushrooms and bird watching. I haven't learned mushroom collecting, but I do look for birds. As a sculptor I love the diversity of beautiful forms which are so perfectly adapted by evolution to their behaviors. Here are a couple of sanderlings resting among the rocks.

One of my favorite formations is this cliff with the knife edges.:

On our way back home the sunset at Quitsa was pretty spectacular for we stopped. The water was so calm that the sky above continued below and the boats were just floating in space.

Monday we had a NorEaster move in. A good day for doing some computer work.

I'm finally getting back into editing. I've put together a whole bunch of images from the summer together with song, "Once I Lived the Life of a Millionaire" which sort of fits the summer in some ways. Naturally Baby Sam made an appearance...

Baby Sam stirring up a storm in the Kitchen Sink

Once the kids were back in day care they caught colds, and life ain't so easy when your feeling bad, even when you try to give it your best.

I recently got a couple of photos in the mail from Henry Klos. I made a quick copy with my video camera.


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