Just got back from Menemsha where we, Marianne, Todd and I, ingested grease from the Bite and braved a strong sou'wester. The Briggs pulled up with their Backdoor food and were sensible enough to eat in their car. It was sort of strange because when we got there all the parking spaces between the gas station and the beach were taken except for two spaces together right up by Menemsha Texaco.

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June 10, 2000

Marianne picked the first poppies along with some iris. Thanks go to Jennifer for working on the garden in the Spring knowing she wouldn't see this bouquet.

On Friday Night everyone was too tired from work to feel like cooking so Todd stopped off at the Chilmark Store and picked up a couple of pizzas. Black olive with fetta cheese and pepperoni with green peppers.

Rootie was so glad to see Todd

I'm playing with Layers in this Web page and it is weirding me out. It is also late and I'm tired from working on the stairs job all day. The Sheep seemed quite happy. As always they like to chew their cuds down by the pump house.

The bronze Swinging Jenny and a clay figure study had a good time hanging out on the deck railing. If you look closely you can see Little Susie lying down by the gate. She is starved for human attention and can't wait for Sophia to arrive.

The rebuilding of the stairs is coming along fast enough that we will be done in time for the grand children to climb and crawl up them. They are made out of poplar. I had never used poplar until last year. I find that I like to work with it and I like the way it looks and handles. The next challenge with the stairs is the banisters and vertical railings. I think I'll make them out of copper pipe the way we did on the deck rails. Rootie likes these steps a lot more than the old ones.