June 12, 2000

It is a rainy, gray day. A cold damp wind is blowing from the north.


I've had a tough time getting going today. But the slow start enabled me to do a bunch of thinking about how I'm going to do the next couple of stages in the stair project.

Yesterday I made the bottom step for the floor leveling to the steps. I Figure I have the top step just about here:

Took a break to take Rootie out for a walk and to have someone to talk to.

Bebe just likes to lie around and sleep on days like this.

Hobbes heads out to say hi to the sheep and let them know who is boss.

The sculptures out in the yard could care less.


Speedo probably should be headed down the other way by the barn, but is is just plunked there temporarily after I brought it back from the now defunct Red Cat. Well, life goes on and change is inevitable.

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