June 5, 2000

A beautiful sunny day. Unfortunately I'm got a million things to do to get ready for Summer so I can't just goof off and have fun all day. I guess I'll just have to take a good attitude and enjoy the work I'm doing rebuilding the stairs in the greenhouse.

I finally got my new computer video workstation back from being worked on. So far things are looking good: it hasn't been crashing. I'm Working on making a new Jay's View. I think I'll put in some footage from the Family Planning Art Show that happened over Memorial Day Weekend. Part of my preparation for it was to bike down to Vincent beach where I found a fine piece of driftwood that I played around with, seeing how long I could stay in balance with it.

Then I figured out how I though it would look best....

before digging a hole for it and installing it as a piece of sculpture.


I like making Sentinels out in nature. I find that the piece and the landscape both tend to complement the other. The interplay between contemplating the foreground and the backround sets up dinamic that makes them each more interesting.

Any day that you get to the beach, even you don't get there til six PM, is a pretty good day.

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