Sophia meeting Little  Susie during Easter WeekJune 8, 2000 A beautiful sunny day. Not a cloud in the sky. Lots of stuff to do today starting with a dump run, then picking up sand at Goodales to make concrete for leveling off the floor at the base of the new Greenhouse stairs, then lunch with Allen before we bring the nine sheep up to Chilmark. The most important sheep is the bottle fed lamb Little Susie who is Sophia's special little friend. They met during Easter Week at the Whiting Farm.



Got to get to work now. Ah the fun of going on a garbage run. It is a bit more interesting today because I'm going to pick up some of the sculptures I have at the Red Cat and move them to Stripers before picking up Marianne's trash. Then after the dump I'll stop at Goodales to pick up sand for making the concrete for the Greenhouse project. All before having lunch with Allen and bringing the sheep up to Wild Island. There is plenty of fresh green grass for them to eat.

Later: So many things happen that I even have images of but will never get the time to process and get in here. It would be a lot easier if I had an electronic camera from which I could download the pictures directly into my computer. As it now works I have to save the video footage that I have shot into the computer and then go though that footage to pick out the stills that I want to save as bitmaps. Then I save those bitmaps onto a rewritable CD which I then take over to my "Internet" computer - as opposed to my "Video Workstation" computer. After adjusting, resizing, and changing the imagess into .JPG files I am ready to use them in Dreamweaver where I create these web pages. As you can see, Marianne also uses the "Internet" computer to send e-mail:




The Swordfish Harpooner Cast in BronzeOne of the things I love most about this time of the year is the early evening light. The days last so long that I took these pictures around 8PM.

.The iris are blooming everywhere:

Speedo taking a Wild Ride along the Stone Wall


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