It is Sunday May 21. Being Sunday we had waffles for Brunch. There is not much question that Marianne makes great waffles.

Rootie hangs out on the floor.


Todd picked up his new car yesterday. He traded in the Van... hard to believe it is gone. Well here is the last picture of it:

It has been cold and rainy so we have been hanging out inside. Even then you might notice Jay's wearing his coat and hat.

I've been doing some landscaping work, cleaning up along the stone walls.

Thanks to all the work Jenny and I did building the Kitchen we are now able to sit here and look of the Sculpture Garden. Todd is out there now on the tractor mowing. Without Jen's help I've seemed to stall out on the building projects. But what is the rush all about. Just because we have no knobs on the drawer yet....

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