The weather is nice and the low autumn sun makes the shadow of the steel Swinging Jenny Sculpture riding on the roof of the car our traveling companion. One of the things we miss is the chance to see how it looks to the other cars. We painted on the boards under the sculpture so we got some email:

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To: Date: Sunday, November 15, 1998 8:35 PM

Subject: saw you on the road

I was on my way to a meeting in Hersey PA, when at the I 78 & I 22 junction right past Allentown I saw this really cool sight passing me. As a matter of fact we passed back and forth a number of times before I took the Grantville, Hersey exit. It really looked like the wind was what was keeping the child aloft. I was traveling alone and that can get some what monotonous. So it was fun trying to keep you in my sights when you past me and then waiting to see how long it took you to catch up to me when I passed you. Hope you had an easy trip! You made mine seem much shorter!!!! Linda