November 2, 2000 Barcelona Spain

Traveling these days means spending time in airports. After taking the red eye from Boston we had four hours to kill in Amsterdam before taking off for Spain. It was dreary and raining so we drank coffee and tea and felt tired and groggy.

Barcelona was bright and sunny but all we wanted to do was sleep. By the time we woke up it was dark so we went walking and ended up at Els 4 Gats, a restaurant were Picasso used to hang out about 100 years ago. It has been restored into a fancy restaurant.

Marianne was able to recognize most of the music the piano and violin were playing, remembering them from her father's collection of LPs. There was lots of service with someone changing the silverware with each course. The wine, a Rioja, was excellent, but the food was tourist trap mediocre.

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