Monday November 20, 2000

We are back home in Chilmark. It is great to be home and sleep in our own bed. But we miss the adventure of traveling. We took a walk down on Vincent Beach.

The leaves have fallen off the trees and bushes while we were away. The path in to the beach has it's winter look of grays and browns. South Mountain looms in the distance.

It was totally calm and the air felt soft somehow and not as cold as the thermometer registered. We saw lots of birds and even a seal swimming along and diving for dinner just about 60 feet off the beach. Bebe, our chocolate lab, enjoys the beach as much as anyone and runs around so much that she can barely walk when we get home.

Marianne had to go back to work this morning to get ready for the Marianne's Screen Printing Annual Thanksgiving Sale which happens on Saturday. I'm pretty sure she would rather be back in Amsterdam drawing...

Back up at the Wild Island Studios Jen started a "blog" this morning.

If you are so uncool as to not know what a "blog" then you are about as uncool as I was yesterday before I read about them in the Nov. 13th New Yorker (page 102 - You've got Blog). It turns out that what we have been doing right here in the Wild Island News is blogging except that we didn't know it and weren't doing it through the official blog site.

The problem is that obviously we weren't the only people who read the New Yorker and decided to get blogged. Their website is overrun and buggy and slow. But what the hell, this is the INTERNET!!!!!

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