November 24, 2000 The day after Thanksgiving. It is clear and cold. Colder than yesterday, but the wind has died so it feels warmer. The ponds are frozen over and the ground is hard for the first time this fall.

Last Night we drank a toast to our Family. Sam was asleep so he was toasting in spirit.

Today Sophia has been playing with the Spirit House that she helped Jay make late last summer. I was the first piece of sculpture he made after hurting his back.

Sometimes Sophia helps Jay see that the things that kids see have a strong reality. He was ready to smash the Spirit House and the little figures that were made with it, but seeing that it was real to Sophia obviously meant that the spirits would like it too. So he fired it. Betzy gave the kiln to her son Jay on his 50th Birthday.

Sam looked like a little angel playing with the doll house ...

Until you noticed that his idea of fun was to pick up things and through them out on to the floor. Soon he had dislodged the slide and is using it as a baseball bat, or maybe he thinks of it as a hammer.

What goes on in Bebe's brain is anyone's guess.

We all took a walk. Down at the Elves Table Sophia tried to touch the end of her nose with her tongue.


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