November 28, 2000 A beautiful late fall day. Sunny with a few fair weather clouds to make the sky a more interesting sight. A great day for working outdoors. Jenny and Jay worked on cleaning up where we made a passage through the stone wall. The break in the wall is opening up new areas walking and expanding the Wild Island Sculpture Garden.

By Monday the storm had passed through, the wind had shifted to the North West. The surf was up.

Vincent Beach is in the distance, where the cliff end and the barrier beach begins. In the foreground you can see the section of beach that was uplifted when a huge chunk of the cliff behind it slid down and underneath it. Then the storm eroded it.

Over Thanksgiving Sophia shared Jay's Upstairs Studio. He is envious of the intensity of of her painting and the uninhibited joy she feels in the act of creation. Sometimes she steps back and starts jumping up and down joyfully shouting, "I'm painting! I'm painting!"

Sometimes she just has to feel the paint.

In the background you can see two pastel nudes by Marianne Neill flanking an oil nude by Stan Murphy.

Jay's been thinking about a show he might have in New York city. He has been thinking about touch. He's always been bothered when sculpture can't be touched. When Jay makes sculpture the feel of it is such an important part of knowing and understanding, trying to get it to "feel" right.

Think of it, a show where you are invited to touch and feel the sculpture,. with respect and sometimes a sense of awe. In the act of touching you both give and receive. The sculpture is also changed by having been touched. Invite the blind. Invite children. Feel Joy!

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