Sunday December 3, 2000

It was a beautiful day today, sunny and cold, but with little wind. We are in the middle of a high. After our traditional waffle brunch with the Sunday Papers Bebe and the Bronze Cross Country Skier are ready to go for a ride down to Menemsha. If you look closely you can see a rose bud that Jay brought in from the freezing cold, hoping that it just might still bloom. The vase was made by Jay's Aunt, Mary Lindheim.

The sun is low in the sky even in the early afternoon. Another swordfish points into the north wind on the roof of Menemsha Texaco.

Most people never see the Swordfish Harpooner from this side. Jay Lagemann created the sculpture in 1994 for the Chilmark Tricentennial. He made the steel framework at his Chilmark Studio, then sculpted the Ferro-cement "skin" after the piece had been set up in the dunes of Menemsha. He made the body of the swordfish rough in texture to help give it the look of an object moving under the water.

The Skier played around on the rocks at the beach.

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