February 19, 2001 Railay Beach Thailand

There is no way that I'm able to find a way here in Railay Beach to plug in my laptop and directly connect up to my web server. So let's try a little test. I'm writing a HTML file with pictures and then I'll put them all in a folder and try sending them as an attachment to an e-mail by the folder on a floppy and taking that floppy to one of the Internet cafe places - I probably shouldn't call them cafes since they don't have coffee in the Internet places over here in Thailand, just computers. I would think they couldn't want people spilling coffee on the keyboards.

So let's start with a picture of the paleface tourist visiting the Reclining Buddha in Bangkok. The Buddha is 45 feet high and about 200 feet long. That's a lot of Buddha to take lying down!

That was Bangkok, not really knowing where I was going or what I wanted to do it took me a week before I flew down to Krabi and stayed at the beach at Ao Nang for a few days before moving over to the next cove which can only be reached by boat. The area around here is formed by the weird erosion of the limestone hills creating spires and mounds hundreds of feet high. Between them bays with sandy coral beaches are created.

The ride to Raily Bay on the longtail boats cost about a dollar. It is all very picturesque, what you don't see is the noise. Being a third world type of place mufflers rate pretty low on the list of priorities. If you think jet skies are loud... If you look closely in the middle of the picture below you can see one of the longtail boats. It is about 30 feel long; that should give you some sense of scale.

So now I'm in Raily beach in my own little air conditioned bungalow. I took my guitar out to the beach and played as the sun set. It is quite a scene, I'll have to try to capture the feeling on a video. Now that I getting a bit settled I ready to try doing some stuff like that. Now however it is time for dinner and to try sending this off.

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