February 27, 2001 Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

The ferry from Railay Bay took about an hour and a half and cost 250 baht, or about $6. All the water or soda you wanted to drink was free. Why, who knows? But I didn't complain.

The boat was pretty crowded, almost all of us pharangs (foreigners).

I booked a a bungalow when I bought my ferry ticket. That way there was a man at the ferry dock holding up a hand made sign saying Andaman Beach Resort. I waved my voucher at him and he signaled a young man who grabbed my bags and took them to a motor scooter with an attached side car for the luggage. I hopped on the back and off we went down the crowded narrow streets and off to my bungalow which is about a ten minute walk out of town.

As I rode along on the back of the motor scooter I thought I was taking a lot of cool video, but when I looked at it I discovered that I was paused when I thought I was recording and visa versa. Well, nobody's perfect, and certainly not me. I'll have to try and get some street shots later. It is quite a scene in Ao Ton Sai, the name of the port town here on Ko Phi Phi. It all looks very picturesque and exotic in the pictures, but if you are looking for peace and tranquility don't even think of coming to a beach resort in Thailand. The picturesque longtails are constantly coming and going and while some of them actually have mufflers on their engines most of those have long since rusted out. To make it worse the racket echoes off of the high cliffs. Beach conversations are often people pleasantly yelling at each other.

One thing this means is that you really don't want your bungalow to be right on the beach with a beautiful view, unless you don't mind the racket. So it was fine with me that mine was back about 50 yards.

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