March 4, 2001 Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

I'm here in Ton Soi.. Not forever, but long enough to start getting to know the place a bit below the surface. The place is a ramshackle dump in a lot of ways, but it has good restaurants, good diving, beautiful scenery, and most important I met people and made some interesting friends. Some places are like that. If you are ready to settle down for a while you better realize that you ain't going to find "paradise". All you need for a good time is "good enough".

KO Phi Phi has no cars or other motorized land transport other than a few small motorcycles with side car that are used by the resorts to transport luggage and deliver supplies. The motorized transport is water bases. Lots of longtails, speedboats, dive boats, and ferries along with a handful of sailing yachts. Tranquil it is not. The motors on the longtails don't even bother with the pretense of a muffler, just a strait pipe pointing astern. Some people say that the longtail owners take the mufflers of because they think the loud noises will scare the bad spirits away.

Before I left Railay Beach I made a second maquette, it is about twice the size of the first so I can start to put a bit more detail in it.

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