May 29, 2001 Wild Island Studios, Chilmark, Martha's Vineyard

It's feels like a long time since I have written up any News from Wild Island . Coming home to New England was quite a shock. T. S. Elliot didn't call April the cruelest month without reason. In New England a frown seems more socially acceptable than a smile. Very few of the problems that I walked away from back in January had left on their own and quite a few new problems had found my home to be their home. The pool had sprung a major leak and just had a few inches of green water on the bottom. This was a bit of a problem for someone who had become addicted to swimming and viewed that addition as the key having a healthy pain free back. After I fixed it and cleaned it and started filling it the pump down in the well house decided it was too much work to pump all that water, it turned out a motor bearing froze up. So I had to deal with that, etc., etc. and it sure is not nice and warm in April on Martha's Vineyard. The oak leaves don't bother to come out until the middle of May.

Tree Form at the Wild Island Sculpture GardenI did finally get back to working in my studio, however, and finished a large version of my Tree Form in time to put it in the Friends of Family Planning Art Show over Memorial day weekend. It was down to the wire to get everything ready for the show. On Tuesday I drove down to The Paul King Foundry in Rhode Island to pick up Standing Nude. I had created her during a week long workshop at the Johnson Atelier in New Jersey. It is not my style to make very realistic sculpture, but it was an interesting challenge and nice to know that I can do it if I want to.

Standing Nude

On Wednesday, with a little help from my former assistant Graeme Bradlee (check out his website I was able to deliver the large Tree Form along with four heavy brick bases that Graeme and I had built years ago.

Tree Form at the Family Planning Art Show in the New Ag Hall on Martha's Vineyard

The Tree Form has beach stones from Menemsha growing up it like a vine. I like the way the rocks are all discrete pieces yet by their placement they become a line.

At the last minute the two bronze versions of The Dance arrived from Thailand. It was very exciting for me to see them in bronze. I never was able to see The Dance III standing alone without supports since the wax, in the warmth of Thailand, was not strong enough to support itself.

The Dance III - numbered AP

The Dance II signed and numbered #1 sold at the Family Planning Art Show.

The Dance II, #1 sold at the Show The Dance II #1 playing on a rock at the Wild Island Sculpture Garden in Chilmark

The next big challange is to build a larger than life size version of The Dance for the front yard of the hot new Ice House Restaurant in West Tisbury on Martha's Vineyard. Part of the problem is how to make it strong enough to support the girl jumping up in the air.

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