October 23, 2001

The Dance II #3 stopped by Menemsha Harbor on its way from the Ice House Restaurant to its new home in Rye, New York

It's been a long time since I wrote any news. It is time to start up again. To some extent we can decide which thoughts and images fill our minds. Lately my mind has been too full of thoughts of war and terrorism. It is time for me to spend more time thinking about the good things in life. Time to get back to thinking like an artist; time to create new things. To force myself toget restarted with the Wild Island News I decided to make a couple of new ads for the Martha's Vineyard Times and the Vineyard Gazzette. In those ads I said I'd have more color photos at the gowildisland.com web site. That way I'd have to get these photos in the website by Thursday when the Vineyard Times comes out.

A lot of people who see my sculptures at the Ice House Restaurant have expressed interest in The Dance bronzes and have called or emailed me or gone to The Granary Gallery. For the people who have left Martha's Vineyard it is time to create an online gallery/store. The problem is that good ideas are easy to have but actually actualizing an idea iis also a lot of work. So for now anyone interested in any of Jay Lagemann's sculptures can e-mail him at Jay@gowildisland.com or call him at Wild Island Sculpture (508) 645-2001.

The Dance II has been selling especially well and there are only a few left from the first casting of 12 plus two artist's proofs. I have ordered twelve more to be cast at the foundry. Hopefully they will be availible in time for Christmas. The price for The Dance II from the second casting will be $2,750, a 10% increase from the price charged for the first casting.

The Dance III #12 on the rocks at Menemsha Beach

The Swordfish Harpooner has weathered a lot of storms since Jay Lagemann created it in 1994.

If you look closely you can see that the dart at the end of the harpoon is missing. Where did it go? When will Jay get around to replacing it?

This time of year, with the sun getting lower in the sky and the days growing shorter thoughts of migrating south tend to come to mind.

The Dance III on a granite rock


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