February 10, 2001


The Harpooner still has his Santa Hat on. It helps keep him warm with all the snow we have been getting. It sure can be pretty, but it makes doing the chores of life a bit more difficult. It is hard to be happy with all the talk of war and the threats to our freedoms. It sure seems a bit strange to me that as Americans we are expected to give up our freedoms and our privacy so we can be "safe from terrorism" and yet an armed military vessel from our communist enemy (Cuba) can tie up in a marina in Key West totally undetected and the four uniformed crew have to walk around (carrying a loaded gun) looking for some US authorities so they can defect. It is a strange world.

Swing Jenny bronze sculpture in the Fall rain - by Jay Lagemann

One on the main joys in my life is being outdoors. It's probably one of the reasons why I like making outdoor sculptures. I love the way they change with the seasons, time or day and weather. It can be fun playing out in the Autumn rain or the Winter snow.

Bronze Swinging Jenny in the snow

And, of course it it always fun to go down to Vincent Beach, especially in September when the summer crowds are gone and it is warm enough to go for a swim or dance on a rock.

The Dance 2 at Vincent Beach in Chilmark

The Dance 2 (on the rocks!)

Sunset is such a special time, and Menemsha is a special place to watch the sunset. In the summer us locals get crowded out and in the winter it gets too cold and raw for almost everyone but the Swordfish Harpooner.

Winter Sunset at Menemsha with the Swordfish Harpooner Sculpture by Jay Lagemann

The Swordfish Harpooner gets one of the best views of the Menemsha sunset. Hard to beleave it has been over eight years since I built it.

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