April 5, 2003 Ko Samui, Thailand

It is great to be back in Thailand! This time Marianne and Swinging Jenny have come along.

Swing Jenny Bronze : click for more information

The Swinging Jenny playing down by the river in Bangkok. One of my main goals I would like to accomplish on this trip is to enlarge the Swinging Jenny and cast it in bronze.

Marianne and I took the express boat that you can see in the picture above up to see the sights: who could visit Bangkok without going to the Grand Palace and the huge Lying Buddha at Wat Po.

You don't want to mess with the Guards at the Grand Palace: they are huge!

The Lying Buddha at Wat Po is no slouch when it come to size.

One of my favorite places in Bangkok is Jim Thompson's House. He was quite a character. He arrived in Bangkok just before World War 2 ended as an O.W.I. officer, fell in love with the place and never left until he mysteriously disappear in the mid 60's. He single handedly revived the Thai silk industry and made it world famous. For his house he had five native Thai houses brought to Bangkok and rebuilt as a single compound along one of the canals. He filled them with Thai art, amassing one of the best collections. The grounds and gardens are a beautiful calm oasis in the hustle and bustle of modern Bangkok. I'm pretty sure that Jim Thompson must have known my father since they both served in the O.W.I. during the invasion of Morocco in 1942. The O.W.I., which morphed into the CIA after the war, was headed by "Wild Bill" Donavan. My father ghostwrote his biography. That was back in the days before ghostwriters got any credit. One of these days I should get a copy and read it.

Marianne checking out the Spirit House at Jim Thompson's

Back before we left our homeMartha's Vineyard there were so many things to do. For some reason I feel like I have to solve all of my life's problems before I take off on an adventure. Even though we were still snowed in Spring was just around the corner so it was time to take the Santa's Hat off of the Swordfish Harpooner sculpture down in Menemsha.

Swordfish Harpponer in a sea of snow...Click for more info on the Swordfish Harpooner

Taking off the Santa Hat - Spring has arrived...Click for more info on the Swordfish Harpooner

I've never been fond of heights, but we've got to conquer our fears, don't we?

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