Chilmark, Massachusetts, October 13, 2005

There is no longer any doubt that summer is over and fall has begun. September and the first week of October have been so sunny and warm that it was easy to fool yourself into believing that it might go on forever. Then a week ago a NorEaster began. It has been gray, windy, rainy, and generally nasty ever since. We are not expected to see the sun for several more days. It makes me feel that it is time to start thinking about making plans to get away to warmer climes.

Here in Chilmark just about everything is closed. To get anything to eat you have got to go down island. Even Chilmark Chocholates is closed so the only thing open are two bank branch offices. What kind of town is that?

The "Tango Dancers" at Lucy Vincent Beach on Martha's Vineyard last summer.

The cast bronze sculpture is by Jay Lagemann


It feels sort of strange working on my website again. It has been so long that it is hard to know where to begin, which is sort of the way I'm feeling about my life, and I find that I'm less interested in the past than I am about the future and I'm not worrying much about that because I'm sort of stuck here in the present which is staring at my laptop screen (sort of just like you are) so where does that leave us? Maybe in Hawaii.


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