Strange things sometimes happen out here. After a long climb up to the top of Klondike Bluffs I must have been seeing double (or at least the camera was - check out the whole width of the photo above!).

This was a fun ride. The Baby Steps part had some very nice single track through some interesting desert.

This was a steep downhill through two huge rocks. I Chose to walk it.

Of course I wasn't the only one to walk it. Her partner rode it, but, my I missed the photo.

Check out the size of this precariously balanced rock Notice my bike under it.

Even more amazing is that it is being held up be a crumbling layer of bluish clay.

I figured it wouldn't decide to fall down right then and it provided a welcome piece of shade so it was the perfect place to take a break. Drink some water and have a snack to replenish some of my energy.

One of the nice things about mountain biking is that the people you meet seem to be a good people ( and dogs too: this one was a Shepherd / huskie mix who just loves to run).

The last half mile of the trail in the Arches Nation Park. For some reason the National Parks do not allow mountain bikes on trails so you have to park your bike and walk through a zigzag gate that defiantly discriminate against fat people as well as bikes.

Here is an overview of the ride:

Click here to see the ride in MotionBased [Or just CLICK on the Image Above}

You can also see the ride, and landscape scenery on Google Earth [If you haven't yet downloaded Google Earth you should - it's free and will change the way you see our world]. Just go to the "Dashboard" and then click on "Google Earth" under the map. Have fun!

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