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Jay with Bronze Swordfish Harpooner and Menemsha Swordfish Harpooner.  Jay is wearing the Swordfish Harpooner T shirtJay with Bronze Swordfish Harpooner and Menemsha Swordfish HarpoonerJay with Bronze Swordfish Harpooner and Menemsha Swordfish Harpooner

When we go off on an adventure it seems a natural thing to want to come home with some loot. Sometimes it is a special rock from the beach or a tee shirt, sculpture, snapshots, videos, whatever. It doesn't really matter what the object is; it becomes an icon with associations with the place and the adventures we had there.

The Swordfish Harpooner Tee shirt is $17 (plus $3 S&H). It comes in S,M,L,and XL . It was designed by Jay Lagemann and hand screen printed at Marianne's Screen Printing on Martha's Vineyard.

The Bronze Swordfish Harpooner was cast at the Paul King Foundry and is signed and numbered. It is mounted on a rock base and costs $2,600. Jay Lagemann created this sculpture in 1996 and made the original bronze at a workshop at the Johnson Atelier and Foundry.

The monumental 17' tall Swordfish Harpooner was commissioned by the Chilmark Tricentenial Committee and built by Jay Lagemann in 1994. In 1995 the town of Chilmark voted to keep at its location at the edge of dunes of Menemsha, the small fishing village in Chilmark.

If you are interested in anything here at the Wild Island Trading Post you can contact us at Marianne's (508) 693-2001or if you are off island call 800 287-8337 or email to Store@GoWildIsland.com



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